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Rat control device

Rat control device

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Product description:

The ultrasonic electronic mosquito dispeller is a new type of high-tech electronic products, it USES high frequency ultrasonic frequency sweep type circuit, 20-74 KHZ sweep frequency ultrasonic, scientific studies have found that mosquitoes, bombs solicitation, rats and other pests in the frequency range of sound waves, they will produce physiological function of endocrine system and flocculant, thus to have the drive and kill effect;

The ultrasonic wave band emitted by this product will not do any harm to humans and family pets, because people cannot hear sound waves over 20KHZ and do not interfere with household appliances.

Due to the period of safety and environmental protection, non-toxic odorless tasteless, high efficiency so it has been widely used, the power consumption is very low, the total power ≤2W, and equipped with advanced optoelectronic technology.

Effect range:

This product is widely used in homes, warehouses, hospitals, offices, computer rooms, gardens, shops and hotels, hotel grain warehouses, etc.

The product can work effectively in a room of 50-80 square meters, / the best effect is 50 square meters, it is recommended to install one in each room;

This product can drive away pests: mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, stinky insects and so on.

Packing: color box, individual

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